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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) Reviews
After buying GTA V I was able to start the game off new with tons of items and cool stuff! love it!
By Kassidy
I'm so glad I got GTA V, because my sister took my last GTA.
By Kassidy
I wish it had more updates
By By. Corey
It’s overall great
By Stream
Thor great game
By Mohamednor
I won't to play GTA5
By Brendon
gta v is a good game i relly like it
By Miracle
i love gta but i dont now how to downlode it please help me
By Idris
I love gta5 in world ☺
By Shyamand Prasad
I really want to play gta v
By King
Good and exciting
By Tshepo Kooba
I love this and want i am ready for gta5
By By Dana
How can I download gta in my mobile
By Naina
Am really wanna play gta5
By Treyden
Best game ever played it was awesome
By Jake
I love this and want I am ready for gta6
By Callie
I’m good with that and game please on the next one that you can play for me for over the weekend and you have the kids for dinner tonight
By John
I love this and I am ready for GTA6
By Joshua
Nice game I ever play it's possible to control
By Muhammad Abdullahi
I love this game so so much I love racing on cars but I don't like the strip club yuck. But other then that I Love this game!!!!
By Phelim
I love gta it is the best my best thing on there but I need followers on Tifton so please follow me
By Jazmine
AAAHHHH i freaking love this game if you go far your Veichle Will die and... -_- a shark will apear..
By Eddie
gta is so so so fun and I like to be silver
By By Luffy
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! IT is the best game ever in all of history the graphics the game everything is just next generation I hope you come out with gta6 because that will be two hundred years ahead of there time I love free play I got all the cars and all the weapons I got everything that you can buy in gta5 even 200 mods or more that I how much I love the game the best character is Michael because he starts out with a sports car and big house so come mess with me if you want to die
By By Kevin Matthew Henderson
I just can't stop playing GTA5 on my PS4 when it’s the end of school I will go upstairs and just play on GTA5 for 3 hours thank you rockstar games
By By Jack
GTA is my best game I. like Trevor My hair bans john I'M OK JAMIE JAKE NO me know nextman just
By Zoey. Flowers
How do you play gta on iPad
By 13937j
I wish it was on Android for free
By Jonathan
Best Game But The Thing Is I Lost It But I Should Be Getting It For Xmas. Happy New Year Everybody!!!
By Sunny
I have bin playing this game on my ps4 and i love to play it I Love human fall flat more better it’s more fun to play is the best
By Silo El
I Loveeee gta i play it all day at my house but i wish it was on ios
By Jeremiah.D
I wish I can download this GTA
By Lehlohonolo
GTA games is the best and only best game I have severed played in my life.Ja'Derrion Griffin I know you are on here.GTA 5 is fun.I love to steel cars,shoot,through bombs and I also have a dog name Chops.He is on Franklin.Franklin dog is black and brown.Chops is a rockwiele dog.
By Latederick Quinn
I wish I can download this game on iOS/android, but it's not for mobile.
By Johnny Bomb
l love gta soooooo much. I played this game since grade 3 on my xbox 360.
By Astrid
GTA five is one of the best games.
By Khomeini Leguen
This is the best game and I rate it a 5
By Lemiuxfamily
The graphics are great! It's inappropriate for any children so take caution.
By Taylor
GTA is a violent game, but I have to say it's the most fun I have had in many years.
By Elvia Fozard
The GTA 5 is the most very best game.
I have been playing it since GTA 3 touched down on the PlayStation 2, and have loved most of GTA.
By Shaide
love the games so awesome
By Kalarni
i played gta sanandreas 4 and it is a good game and 5 i wanna download and play it
By Jimmy
I Want To Download This Game
By 81237
I love to know how to play online
By Skinner
It is good game. I have play on pc. I play 50 game on pc and it is the best one
By Akram
love this game asomoe sause this is the best game ever and I don't got it I am getting it for xamas when I get my xbox 360 fun love you for all the creaters of gta thank you so much for creating this game cause if it was not for you gta would not me here or be fun thank you good luck have a nice life love you bye
By Alayia
I played GTA V on the PS4 and it is one of the best games I have played. Graphs, action, story line all excellent and it is just plain fun.
By Yuvraj
i played it on xbox its aswsome
By Wyat
It's is the best game for ever so i want to play
By Huzaifa
I played grand theft auto v on my ps4. I loved it. it was the best game i played in my life
By By Michael
I played GTA V next Gen. on ps4 and it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Edward
l played gta v on the ps4 and it is one of the best games l have played. graphs, action, story line all excellent and it is just plain fun.
By By Tom
Where is the PC version?
By David
I played GTA V on the PS4 and it is one of the best games I have played. Graphs, action, story line all excellent and it is just plain fun.
By Tom
Win 7 x64 / Xbox / PS
4 GB
63.2 GB
Release Date:
March 16, 2014
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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) Reviews
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