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Talking Tom
Description: Feel happy but no one around to talk to? Come talk to Tom! Feel bored but don't know how to kill time? Come talk to Tom! Down, sad, angry... just don't hesitate to talk to Tom. Possibly the best ever listener in world, Tom is also a great comforter and pleaser, energizing you by repeating your voice in a funny way. Apart from this, he may even interact with you as real cats- but of more fun, just press and scratch him, see what happens. Tom is a cat, but more than a cat, go find what's fun yourself!
Android / iPhone
1.0 GHz
1 GB
Release Date:
February 20, 2014
Amazing game you can say anything to him and sing a song and he also copied you back
By Sophia
This Game Is Awesome!
By Tomos
he is a awesome cat
By Scott
I know Tom.
By Aiden
Talking Tom is So Funny to Me
By Naveen
He is a awesome cat
By Johnnie Ray
Good night,tom.see you .
By Mad
good night angela
By Tdytvhvfc
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Talking Tom
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