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Talking Tom Gold Run
Description: Talking Tom Gold Run - An entertaining runner game is quite popular with the cool Tom, we all know as a hero. The story begins here with the fact that Tom noticed how the car had an accident. And then he realized that it was a thief, and he chased him to catch.

According to the gameplay, the Talking Tom Gold Run is very simple, like many other games. In this game, you need to go around or jump over all sorts of obstacles. You will also be able to improve your pool and your house, for which you will receive bonus points. When you complete all the improvements. The second character will unlock for you, and who could think that this will be our Angela.
Run for power, open new locations and catch up the raccoon thief. You can use different “boosters” to help you to go the distance and collect as much gold as possible. Collect gold and rebuild the houses of your main characters. Fight with a raccoon thief, teach him a lesson and get the loot. The game also has available missions, for which you can get more bonuses. You complete each mission during the race. Call friends Tom and Angela, no matter how you need them to defeat the thief. And for greater results, use the internal store, buy boosters and rather catch a thief!
Also being able to enjoy the game with several characters from the series. You can dress your favorite hero with several clothes, and incredible accessories.

• Runner with recognizable heroes;
• Simple mechanics, but fun gameplay;
• Cute cartoon graphics;
• Find ancient treasures;
• Open all friends of Tom and play each of them.
• Uncover all the mysterious secrets of the game;
• Practical and convenient controls;
• collect valuable metals and bonuses;
• A variety of colorful locations and adventures;
• A lot of bonuses and improvements;
• A great opportunity to use all sorts of running techniques during the passage of the stages;

To move between lanes, you need to make gestures in the right direction. Just as small obstacles have to jump or slip under them, this is done with a gesture up and down. During the run, the player will have access to all kinds of boosters and bonuses. They help a lot in passing and help to run much faster. The collected gold will go to the construction of character houses. Also to buy and improvement of those same bonuses.

Talking Tom Gold Run has dynamic and beautiful bright graphics with smooth animation. It allows Android players to immerse themselves in the addictive game. Well-designed characters and beautiful environments will also allow you to enjoy the game. With intuitive and addictive sound experiences. The game is the perfect title if you want to relax from your daily work.

And despite all the amazing features, the game is still free for all Android players. You can install it on your devices without paying anything. Search for the game in the Google Play Store and you can get it for free. There are a lot of similar games on Google play. But, a well-developed system of improvements distinguishes this runner from its competitors. Recommended only to fans of the genre.
Android 5
1 GB
52.6 MB
Release Date:
February 5, 2017
I love that game so much
By Harry
I love this I been playing this game when I was 5 to 7
By Talia Train
Hi. Merry Christmas to you
By Elizabeth
My boys, 3 and 5, fight about taking turns to play this game on their phone!
By Celeste
The app is AMAZING! It's really fun and additive!
By Bailey
My grandkids play this and say it's awesome
By Letty Croff
Son loves it
By Angelo
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Talking Tom Gold Run
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