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Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4)
Description: Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the series of Grand Theft Auto which have high degree of freedom and various tasks need to completed. The hero of Grand Theft Auto IV named Niko Bellic who comes from Europe and has troubled life. He experienced wars, betrayed by his comrades, arduous prison life and so on. What's more, the boss of human trafficking organization, Rodislav Bulgarin holds that Niko Bellic took his money away and attacked his boat. So he decided to come for Niko and grab for his money. Niko wants to get rid of these series of unpleasant experience and live happy and safe life so he become an illegal immigration of the US by following his cousin, Roman Bellic's suggestion. Roman claims that he has luxury, beauties and cars in the US and he can give his brother the same treatment, However, Niko finds that everything is a legend in his brother's words. Roman lives in a decrepit apartment, runs a taxi company close to bankruptcy and owed a bunch of usury and gambling debts. In a word, he has nothing. Niko is in deep despair but has to face the reality, he starts his life about working for his cousin and creditors.
It is the background of Niko's experience of pursuing the American Dream. The life in The US filled with dangers and challenges. Different kinds of characters in game are lifelike. They strong and weak, gentle and callous, with is sincerely false, likes hating the rival n love to accompany follows. No one can guarantees their outcome and no one knows everyone in the game can complete their dreams or not. Do you want to join the game and experience the unique life in the US with Niko? Although seemingly Niko is an evil man who love money and beauties, you will find that he is actually a very virtuous man in the mid game. he needs your help in his process of pursuing American Dream, so take with your wisdom, intelligence, courage and patience into Grand Theft Auto IV, the achievement of in the game will give you more confidence in your process of pursuing dream in reality, relax yourself, you will find you have enough strength.
Win xp / Win 7 / Win 8
2.0 GHz or equivalent
4.1 kB
Release Date:
March 10, 2014
Niver played this game
By Orihanna
This game is so much better and I think it will take more for you to be a good Boyfriend
By Neena
How do you get the game without paying
By Jamsrion
how do you get the game without paying
By Layla
I have roblox on my cellphone. Good
By Sienna
i love the gta because a simple game and beautiful.
By Jaylyn
GTA is super fun. it has an addicting singleplayer story, multiplayer and modes for it are good.
By Tom
It's hard to control the car in the game. The car is too easy to spin and drift.
By Martin
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Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4)
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