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Scary Teacher 3D Reviews
It's kinda scary when the teacher goes after you, but its funny when you prank her. you should definitely play it.
By Michelle
I love Scary Teacher it is totally worth the money!
By Stacey
I have the game on my dad's phone. Only play a little time when my daddy at home. I love it.
By Aley
Scary Teacher 3D is full of suspense and thrill I like the game very much.
By Ezaxa
I love this game because when i try to go into scary teacher's House when i try to Hide from the scary teacher's house.
By Francesco
I love this game because it's really fun
By By Jasmine
Good game, but i can't play it... (I HAVE PLAYED IT)
I never played it before but I seen the YouTube videos on fgteev and it's funny when they ruined the date's
By By Christian A Big Fan
I like it but it is very good game
By Jasmine
The game Love neena
By Neena
I love scary teacher
By Nam
Scary teacher's fun but I never played I only watch YouTube videos but it looks very cool I can't even play any game but that's okay I could just come it but this game looks super cool thank you 200People that made this game
By Cici
I'm scared but good game/GG
By Francis
I love playing this very hard on the computer
By By King
I love this games is much beacuse it is good
By Abigail
I love that game I really want to play it I hate scary teacher she's mean I think she should be nice to kids
By Sofia
I love this gameplay because you get to prank the teacher and ther is secrets all over the house to find.
By Madina
Great game how do I get it for free?
By Molly
I love this game totally addicted from the start. it is an amazing game.
By Sandra
Android 4.2
4 GB
69.7 MB
Release Date:
January 1, 2020
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Scary Teacher 3D Reviews
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