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10/10 game it is sooooooooooo fun and cool
By Dawson
Make this game more like old roblox please ^. ^
By Diana
Wow I love the roblox!
By Adriana Geanina Gheciu
By Anna
Please make roblox family friendy
By Axel
i love roblox
By Sam
This game is super fun! Plus ➕ it's nice!!
By En
Roblox is me life❣❤
By Kira
I love it this app❤❤❤❤
By David903
I love Roblox
By Trevor Iau
I love it sooooooooooooooo. Much
I love it ❤
By Elissae
I love roblox :D
By Andrew
my username is c5mputer friend me pls
By Computer
I love the game u should try it and Roblox is the best
By Sally
I love it mine is Kensley098766 I would love to be friends so yall can look me up and you know freind me and I love roblox
By Kensley
I love Roblox but I cannot play Roblox anymore my lName is bdoppdb
By Hayley
Hi I really like roblox and mine is mea_mea2011
By Madyson
Loving it! Im Loving it no matter what!
By Amber Muller
I ❤️ Roblox
By HOT Chick
I love this game it's so cool
By XxDunyaxxheart
Hi if you want to be my friend my mine is Crazyhead1234
By Keira Lacey(❤)
I like Roblox but if you want to friend me my Roblox name is happyfeet3454
By I Can't Tell You
This game is really fun
By Rylin
hello i love roblox if you also if you want to friend request is ACmermaid23
By Audrey
Hi I love roblox if you wanna freind request me my name is Buddy30004
By Oo
I love roblox so so much it so fun I got so many friends my fave game on roblox is nice and seek my roblox name is charlieimaslender
By Isabel Oliver
I'm in love with this game!!!!!!
By The Only Way To Be Able To Get The Best Way Q
I really want free Robux I already have the game to on my iPad! Please give me free robux to -^-
By Sxft Nice Clouds
OMG I love this game!
By Lala
I am playing roblox
By Natalie
I wanted to play this game pls
By Ahil
Can I play for free I lost me tablet
By Jaredblue21
I like the because you can have Robuxs
By Lily
This game a amazing and over because it has more than one game
By Alim
i love Roblox so much. And this is so cool
By Charlee
I never play roblox
By By Chloe
I like it because it is for boys and girls.
By Mariam
I love this game it’s so fun and I think royale high is the best royale high school game ever on Roblox.
By Lily Virgo
I love Roblox and the way you can dress up
By Meech01250125
I'm addicted to this game so much
By Jazzy
I always wanted to play
By AaliyahJohnson
I think that is a great game
By Kayliegh
I never played Roblox before.
By Janahorizon
Umm I like roblox my name is sumij I play it on iPhone 7plus but on roblox my name is sumij
By Amari
Game is super fun i play it every day
By Ytytytytytytfyy
The game is slow but it is worth the wait and the game is so awesome ❤❤❤ My username is haileyolya
By Haileyolya
You can meet new friends and It’s fun so hope along to roblox
By ☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️
Everyday I play roblox in my tablet and my username is 5rmmm5rm
By Dark
I love this game but its always slow
By Karen Smith
I love this I always play it even for 21 hours
By Rosie
This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun you can do anything
By Jenny
I like roblox I have it on my phone
By Yazmin
I love it it is the best my user name is chrrzee and I play it every day for 4 hours,
By Charles Allen
i play this game all day for 25 hours
By Dotyboy27
I really like roblox I have it on my tablet
By Kindle Kendall I Am Gonna Go On Roblox Right Now
My parents don’t want me to have roblox so this like a link that I could play roblox on without it being downloaded
By Lauren
My username is Shopkinlover4444 you can find my name
By Brianna
I love roblox so much. Thank you many people that made this game. I bet you you work so hard for this game!
By Cienna
Roblox is so fun I don't have robox yet
By Cienna
I play this all the time
By Jacob
I play ROBLOX everyday I like this game so much
By Alexis
It's a pretty good game, my favourite game on it is roller-coaster tycoon 2
By Lucas
I love Roblox so you can find me if you won't I will give you Robux OK.
By Wilki92
This is one of my favorite games ever
By Noah
I Am Looking Forward Today And Event Time For Me To Playing With Animals And BTS And EXO And Text And XI And The Boyz And Monster X And A.C.E And I Love Roblox Aswell. And Thenkyou And I Am Aswell Roblox a Big Fan Of My Games
By Princess Rube Rouse
Roblox is so fun that I can play for ever
By Handame
I ♥️ This game!!
By Tyasia
Hi I was trying to get this game on my fire but I couldn't I love roblox! I watch videos of adopt me! I heard it is soo good! If I was playing it my user name would be Sophia111 so yeah. Bye☺
By Sophie
My account got banned but I love the game/games
By Foxinater_4
I love this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I lov this game I could play it forever❤️❤️
By Jetsun
i love this game cause we can play with friends accept roblox money i wish is was free
By By Nan
I love it I play it everyday with my brother and sister I like the games I. Play solitaire jizzgsaw puzzles
By Milagros
The game is cool and it’s really fun
By Darrien
I love roblox it make my life much happy
By Paris Love
This game is so good I play it ever day after school and parted
By Lexi
I love this app it has so many games on it I have played it for 4 years and I've been loving it for all those years I would love to meet you on roblox my username is (rosypinkskies) we could play games together! ❤ :3
By Mr.Monk
This game is insane
By Harry
I love Roblox. I play the game every time. And everyday
By By Nathaniel
I love this game ❤❤❤❤❤❤
By Liam
I love this games sooooo much and I am so happy to play thus game
By Ella Bragg
I love roblox ❤️ for me it makes my life happy!
By Luna
I love this game you can't say no because it is amazing
By Shodowgirl755
I love to play roblox all the time
By Damina
Roblox is the best game in the world in my opinion
By Gage Harvey
roblox is so fun that I play it every day and it is so fun!
By Vyna
I love love robox i gave it 2000000 stars i thought robox was poop
By By Cocoa ~
I'm a fan of you!!
By By Liam
I love Roblox so much because 50000000000000000000000000000000000000 of people is playing this game! Thanks for letting me play Roblox! I hope I might don't crash.. ;-;
By By Rose
Hi roblox, I am your fan.
By Bianca Chavez
I'm giving Roblox 4 stars because it can't let me play some of my favorite games but It is good.
By Chase0101
I love Roblox and it is sooo amazing! It's so good graphics. There is more thank 50000000 players with you.
By Rick Sinclair
Please follow my account, My username is cuzoo****, I have yellow hair, a white shirt and a blue pants.
By Jeannie
Roblox is somethingYou can play and have some fun if you play at first it would get boring but if you play it at lot of time it will be so muc you can play and have some fun if you play at first it will get boring if you have a lot of time it so much fun so much games it is so much fun I love it so much
By Alasha Lewis
I love it because I go on it every single day.
By Coco
I love Roblox I want to play it every day.
By Brielle
Roblox has been my favorite game for 2 years! I love to explore the world of games!
By Marco
Roblox Roblox Roblox Roblox
Win 7 or higher
2.0 Ghz
8 GB
242 MB
Release Date:
July 1, 2019
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