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Slap Kings
Description: Slap kings is a game for android and iOS. Game is very simple. As the name shows, two-player slap each other. This game is developed by lion studio. The game size is about 99MB which is slightly higher than usual. This is due to its good quality graphics and smooth animation. The game require android 4.4 or higher for playing and installing. The game has about 50 plus million installs which show it is pretty popular.

Slap kings Concept
Game is simple but has addictive mechanics. You become its fan after playing it. The main concept behind this game is very simple, two-player standing face to face. One player with both hands on the table to be slapped. Other use his full power to slap the first player. Different type of powers and fires uses to give a maximum hit to the opponent.
Both player share coins in the match and winner player get totally. When the match started both player power level is 100. As the match begins and the player slaps each other's power level decreases. Which level reach to 0 zero first that player loses. This power level also be recovered with coins and ads. Yes, you can cure your health by buying health. The second way to increase or recover your health level is that you can see a video ad.
Within the match, you can use different types of power like golden fire or special slap. This kind of powers can get from the market. With these kinds of powers, you can damage your opponent more regressively. Even you can hit with such power that you opponent fly from the rope of the wall.
This game is not very easy as you think. You need to keep in mind the timing and powers when you slap you opponent. Because when you slap with accurate timing and specific timing then you can hit with maximum damage.
One meter above you is displayed while you slap the other player. This meter helps you to select the maximum perfect timing. Some labels are displayed on this meter. These labels are separated with colors. When the needle is in the green area then you should tap for slap. Because at this point you hit with maximum damage. If you select to slap while the needle is not in the green area then it will not make the perfect hit.
This game has different players to select. Many of them are very funny and enjoyable. Games animations are very funny and smooth and played when your opponent is down.

This conclusion is based on user reviews. Game is very nice and enjoyable. One thing that many users says that small kids should not play this game. Because this game is like aggressive and not suitable for children. One other thing that you should keep in mind this game is somehow inappropriate for kids. So if you play this game and you have kids then you should lock it so that your kid cannot play it.
Other than this, the game is very addictive and fun to play. You should try it.
4 GB
73 MB
Release Date:
March 10, 2020
I like it absolutely great and my sister also play this. I am very happy this is the world best game.
By Jessy M.
Slap Kings is really an awesome game with good features. I love it.
By Zambie
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Slap Kings
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