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Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom
Description: An alchemist's apprentice returns home from university to finish her training under a great master. Little does she know a real paranormal adventure has only just begun. EXPERIENCE A FANTASTIC TALE OF DECEPTION AND INTRIGUE! Things go awry when she revisits her family home, where dark secrets and the mystery of her parents' disappearance lie buried. INVESTIGATE THE SECRETS HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS OF THE THRONE! She encounters a mysterious vigilante and finds a mysterious amulet. To learn the wisdom of the artifact, she must face grim truths about the kingdom and her family. DELVE INTO A WORLD RICH WITH MAGIC AND HIDDEN OBJECTS! The young alchemist will work her way through countless puzzles and eerie mysteries to achieve her goal and learn the truth. EXPLORE A BREATHTAKING, HAND-DRAWN WORLD! She will embark on a quest that can potentially change the faith of the entire realm and her own future forever. CRAFT 14 DIFFERENT ALCHEMICAL MIXTURES TO USE ALONG YOUR ADVENTURE! Will she be able to reach her true potential as an alchemist and heal a broken kingdom plagued by corruption and injustice?
    Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom
    Windows XP/7/8/10
    2 GHz
    DirectX 9.0b
    718 MB
    Release Date:
    July 13, 2017
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    Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom
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