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Lost Island: Eternal Storm
Description: Persecuted by ill fate, the elven nation land on a lost island. They'll need sharp blades as well as sharp minds to survive. With their kingdom in ruins the elves were forced to set off overseas to search for a new home. By fate's will, a storm crushed their ships on the shores of a lost island. High mountains, fragrant valleys and shimmering rivers — what else might the children of nature need? But their beautiful new world is filled with danger. When attempting to leave, the elves learn that the island is surrounded by an impenetrable magic storm. The survivors recall a legend about the last of the ancient elves, who shall awake from a thousand year's sleep to help them overcome hardship. Incredible adventures at the edge of the world! Try a great new Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, and restore the once great race of the elves!
    Lost Island: Eternal Storm Lost Island: Eternal Storm Lost Island: Eternal Storm Lost Island: Eternal Storm
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
    1.6 GHz
    1024 MB
    259 MB
    Release Date:
    April 12, 2016
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    Lost Island: Eternal Storm
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