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Moai 3: Trade Mission
Description: The Hero and Bright Light return in an all-new adventure to reclaim a stolen artifact and crush a threat to their kingdom and their people. In the compelling and entertaining Moai 3: Trade Mission, you control the fate of the main characters as they travel across visually stunning lands to complete their quest. Using clever time and resource management strategies, you will control the heroes and their workers as they rebuild decimated villages, defeat enemies, and survive off the land. They will also learn that a little magic along the way can make a big difference in the end. With the main quest and alternate levels to complete, Moai 3 offers hours upon hours of addictive gameplay. With all of this and more, Moai 3 is poised to be your next great adventure! Download the game now and begin the journey!
    Moai 3: Trade Mission Moai 3: Trade Mission Moai 3: Trade Mission Moai 3: Trade Mission
    Windows XP/7/8
    1.5 GHz
    512 MB
    452 MB
    Release Date:
    July 28, 2016
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    Moai 3: Trade Mission
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