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The Mystery Of a Lost Planet
Description: The crew of a small spaceship that has crashed on an unknown planet will have to solve the planet’s mystery in order to survive. You will have to set off on exciting journey into an unknown fantasy world and uncover many hidden secrets of this world. What hides behind the force that pulled you onto the planet? Was it done in order to destroy you? Or, perhaps somebody needed your help? The journey will be hard but you cannot retreat, because if you fail the crew will never come back home and see their dear Earth! Your journey will include visits to the islands that float in the air, under the water and into alien jungles. You will have to explore mystery caves, damaged spaceship and take part in many adventures. In addition, for playing the game on the hard level you will be given a bonus: you will meet a survivor of a previous spaceship crash who experienced a fate similar to the one of Robinson Crusoe. On the way to discover the main mystery of the planet you will go through beautiful landscapes and an exotic unknown world full of secrets and mysteries and will meet its amazing inhabitants. Extremely fascinating plot, more than fifty different locations, many quests and puzzles – this and many other challenges are waiting for you in «The Mystery of a Lost Planet».
    The Mystery Of a Lost Planet The Mystery Of a Lost Planet The Mystery Of a Lost Planet The Mystery Of a Lost Planet
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    900 Mhz
    512 MB
    546 MB
    Release Date:
    January 14, 2016
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    The Mystery Of a Lost Planet
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