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Mahjong: Wolf's Stories
Description: Match tiles in the finest Mahjong tradition as you set off on a forest quest to find a missing wolf cub. The game’s soothing music will set the mood as you complete tasks and earn trophies during your journey through 120 captivating levels. If you prefer a more traditional Mahjong experience, you can choose to play in Relaxed mode, which removes the tasks and time limits. In both modes, you’ll enjoy the heartwarming story of a wolf father searching for his cub, and be able to take advantage of unique features for a Mahjong game, including a button that darkens locked tiles and another button that shuffles the remaining tiles. With its charming story, exquisite hand-drawn artwork, and captivating gameplay, Mahjong: Wolf's Stories will entertain you for hours on end. Begin the adventure today!
    Mahjong: Wolf's Stories Mahjong: Wolf's Stories Mahjong: Wolf's Stories Mahjong: Wolf's Stories
    Windows XP or later
    1.4 GHz
    1 GB
    37.7 MB
    Release Date:
    October 15, 2015
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    Mahjong: Wolf's Stories
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