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World Mosaics 7
Description: RED ALERT! A shadow criminal has done the unthinkable…stolen the sand from the Hourglass of Time from the Agency of Atlantis! Head out on a mission to find a rogue agent, and repair the fabric of time. Play through some amazing mosaic puzzles that each have a significant meaning in history, and ultimately save the day! The story is intense, but the gameplay is relaxed and easy-going. The puzzles await in World Mosaics 7! Play through the epic story mode, with 100 puzzles to solve! Just want to solve puzzles without the story? Don’t worry, there are another 150 BONUS puzzles! The true challenge begins when you try and get 3 stars on each and every puzzle. The only way to accomplish this amazing feat is without making any mistakes or using any hints! Sounds simple, but in truth, it is extremely difficult! Do you have what it takes to get the amazing 3 stars on them all? Find out today in this awesome mosaic puzzle game!
    World Mosaics 7 World Mosaics 7 World Mosaics 7 World Mosaics 7
    Windows XP/Vista/7
    1 GHz
    1 GB
    38.8 MB
    Release Date:
    February 8, 2014
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    World Mosaics 7
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