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This game is awesome but it is a little tricky
By Kian
Fortnight is amazing . I rate it a 10/10 . My name is Holly.
By Holly
I love this game it's so awesome like sonic dash
By Cayden Yates
This game is the best game ever I play on the new xbox.
By Djboy03
I love fortnite sooooooo much! I would play it 24/7 if I could. My name is Flyingdog601
By Flyingdog601
This game is amazing the new update wasn't much but the dinasours are good so fortnite is the best game and I've been playing since season x
By Holly
I sometimes stay in my room all day playing fortnite its soooooo fun thank epic games im actully playing it right on my ps4 and i also play it on my n switch play it or die
By Paisley
Fortnite is so fun and I started playing in season 1 my user name is corey10EFC if any body cares
By Fortnitegod2028
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