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Pokemon is the best but it's not free for people that don't have internet I have internet but I don't have an accounts on my tablet too bad you don't have it without internet
By Susan
Can I Play it for free pleasssssssssse
By Lisa
Can I please play it for free please.
By Destin
My dad used to play this game
By Kim
Pokémon oh yeah oh yeah I got 215 Pokémon cards and they are all good except a few of my Pokémon cards
By Mac
The best motivator I have found to get off the couch and leave home and walk on my town.
By Elis P.
If you live in the city it’s great. Suburbs and especially rural don’t even waste your time. They don’t care about us living in rural areas
By William Synnott
I have Pokémon cards.
By Cory
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Download Pokémon GO for iOS
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