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Plants vs. zombies (PvZ) Reviews
Love playing plants & zombies. It keeps my mind ticking.
By Tara Robinson
I love zombies.It is so cool.The plant’s get to beat it.
By By Sharon Xie
i love zombies. i am so happy with it
By Rafaersen Winora
I love zombies. I am so happy with it!
By DWL-2000AP
First things - I love PvZ. I own it on PC, on my android cellphone, on my Laptop.
By Charlotte
I love zombies. I am so happy with it!
By Chris
Not only the plants but also the zombies are interesting. the lovely plants can beat the evil zombies with their charming smile. It's unbelievable!
By Angela
Android 5.1 / iOS 9
2.0 GHz or equivalent
1 GB
107 MB
Release Date:
February 25, 2014
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Plants vs. zombies (PvZ) Reviews
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