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Plants vs. zombies (PvZ)
Description: Have you ever thought that the zombies invade your house in groups? Nobody will think that he will live daily under the threat of violence and the threat comes from different kinds of zombies.There's no doubt that zombies play an important role in Chinese zombies movies, tv shows ad ghost stories and similar topics yet everyone holds that zombies are virtually non-existent. However, in order to eat your brain, your yard and pool are invaded by the large numbers of zombies include flag zombie,conehead zombie, pole vaul ting zombie, bucket zombie, newspaper zombie, screen door zombie,etc. You are right, the zombies' favourite food is brain so they are doing best to obtain the delicious brains. Faced with such rampant zombies, no one could stand any more of these invaders. Do you want to display your courage and sill? Now your chance to distinguish yourself. Plants vs. Zombies is a wonderful game about zombies and plants. the game sonsist of five modes:Adventure, Mini-game, Puzzle, survival and Zen Garden. you will find that that there are 50 levels of adventure mode, both of mini-game and puzzle mode are 20 open points, increasing the game's challenging and fun factor. The way to defence the zombies is planting and the 49 kinds of plants have different functions such as sunflower, peashooter, cherry bomb, wall-nut, potato mine, snow pea and so on. Plants vs. Zombies also contains puzzle games and each of them has an interesting name, for example, all your brains are belong to us, Dead Zeppelin, Big Trouble Little Zombies, Ace of Vase, Scary Potter, Portal Combat, I,Zombie, A huge wave of zombies is approaching. Do you want to show your intelligence, wisdom, patience and agility? Join Plants vs. Zombies and enjoy the interesting and challenging experience on the defensive.
Android 5.1 / iOS 9
2.0 GHz or equivalent
1 GB
107 MB
Release Date:
February 25, 2014
Love playing plants & zombies. It keeps my mind ticking.
By Tara Robinson
I love zombies.It is so cool.The plant’s get to beat it.
By By Sharon Xie
i love zombies. i am so happy with it
By Rafaersen Winora
I love zombies. I am so happy with it!
By DWL-2000AP
First things - I love PvZ. I own it on PC, on my android cellphone, on my Laptop.
By Charlotte
I love zombies. I am so happy with it!
By Chris
Not only the plants but also the zombies are interesting. the lovely plants can beat the evil zombies with their charming smile. It's unbelievable!
By Angela
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Plants vs. zombies (PvZ)
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