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Hello Neighbor for Android
Description: Hello, Neighbor is a popular arcade in the genre of horror elements, released in 2018. The game "Hello, neighbor" contains elements of horror and quest. The goal is to enter the house opposite and reveal the secret of the strange resident of the house.
The game will please those who like to include logic in the journey to defeat AI. Earlier in "Hello, neighbor," you could only play with a PC. But not so long ago, developers pleased fans with a mobile application for the Android OS. Now you can watch your Neighbor from an Android phone. So download and install the game on your device.
Hello, Neighbor is a first-person horror game in which you will control a young hero. The hero is trying to get into the house of a neighbor to reveal the dark secrets hiding in his basement. Of course, your Neighbor values his privacy. And he will be unhappy that you decided to violate it. But be careful, because a neighbor can be offended and screw you on the head with a shovel. Also, your Neighbor is a pretty smart guy and learns on the go. Traps and cameras will appear in those places where you already climbed. But, all this is worth it to find out what kind of secret your crazy Neighbor is hiding.
The adventures of the hero will begin with how he walks next to the neighboring house and runs behind the ball. You don't need much time to get into the home of a neighbor and find him suspicious. From now on, you will try to enter the Neighbor's house and do everything so that he doesn't catch you.
In search of revealing the secrets of the owner of the house. The character will have to enter the home or work in the local area. To save time, it is recommended to break windows. In the process, you can use any interior items.
On the PC version of "Hello Neighbor," control is carried out using the mouse and keyboard. The mobile version has a different control system designed for touch gadgets.
The control system in Hello Neighbor is quite simple for games of this genre. On the left side of the screen, you will find a joystick to control the character's movement. On the other hand, you will see the action buttons. You can jump, interact with many different objects, and collect a variety of gadgets, and so on.
The "Hello Neighbor" version for Android smartphones has been released recently. The developer promised fresh graphics and an exciting plot. Hello, Neighbor is a super-addictive horror and infiltration game. It offers an exciting and terrifying gaming experience. The game has excellent graphics with high performance.
Once in the house, you need to find the necessary items to get into the basement. To do this, you have to explore the whole house and unlock many mini-games. It makes Hello Neighbor even more fun and exciting.
At the moment, the game is adapted to mobile devices, and the controls are susceptible.
Download the Hello Neighbor game for Android. Uncover the horror secret of a neighbor by exploring his house.
Android 7.0 or up
2 GB
925 MB
Release Date:
December 1, 2019
Love it till I'm died
By Brody
My kids wanna play but android phones isn't compatible so please make it for androids as well
By Cat
Put hello neighbor on Android
By Noah
My son wants to play on android
By Dh
I never played the game sounds fun and a little scary!☺
By Sophie Gamble.
I really like this game but there are a few glitches with the neighbor so if you could just fix that then that would be awesome
By Maci
Can you make your game free so I can play with my sister.
By Markese
I want hello neighbor the game please
By Ricky
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Hello Neighbor for Android
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