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Hello Neighbor for PC
Description: Hello neighbor is a horror game for pc developed by Russian company Dynamic Pixels. And published by TinyBuild on 8 December 2017. This game is available for all gaming platforms. Like windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, iOS, Android. You can enjoy it on your favorite gaming platform.
Hello neighbor is available on both big gaming market for pc which are steam and epic games. On steam, it is available only for $10.49. One amazing thing, as this article is publishing. The epic game give 75 percent discount on Hello neighbor. With a discount, it is available only for $3.49 on epic games.
Hello neighbor is a single-player game. This game supports a gaming console controller. You can also enjoy it on TV with remote play. Its interface support up to 23 languages but audio and subtitles not.

System Requirement of Hello Neighbor for PC
Recommended hardware required to play this game smoothly is a 64-bit processor. And operating system windows 10. I7 processor with 8 GB of ram, DirectX version 12, 5 GB space and GTX 1060 is more than enough to run this game.
You can also run this game on lower specification. I5 with 6 GB ram, direct X version 11 with GTX 770 on windows 7 operating system can also run this game smoothly.

About Game
As mentioned above this is a single-player game. So you as a player play this game against the computer. And it is based advanced artificial intelligence. As this game's algorithm is based on artificial intelligence. That's why it will learn from your moves and strategy.
The basic concept of this game is to find the horrible secret that neighbor hiding in his basement or on top floors. But you have to find these secrets without knowing his neighbor. If your neighbor sees you while you are moving in his house he will catch you and your game over. Even your neighbor uses different tactics to secure his house and make his secret hidden. Maybe there is a bear trap in the neighbor house. Or your neighbor uses cameras to monitor his house.
Entering and escaping from the neighbor house is not an easy task. Maybe the neighbor is in front of the house door while you sneaking through the front door. Or he will catch you when you climbing through backyard windows. If you enter the house and find a secret. Then escaping is much more difficult. Because the neighbor knows the shortcut of his house and cat you quickly. All these things should be considered while playing this game.

Final Words and conclusion
According to the user reviews, this game is good and enjoyable but this is not worth the price that mentions. Many users recommend buying this game when it is on sale. “It's algorithm not based on advanced artificial intelligence”. This is a user review line, you learn how to deal with your neighbor quickly. Mostly users who play this game recommend playing it only a few of say not to buy it.
Windows 7 and up
Intel i5 or Ryzen 5
4 GB
Release Date:
December 1, 2019
I want to play because it is a fun game And everybody plays it
By Harley
It's good but I want to play it on my fire tablet
By Katie
It's awesome but I want to play it on my kendel fire tablet
By Trinity
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Hello Neighbor for PC
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