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Cut The Rope: Time Travel
Description: Om Nom is a little cute monster with a small head, a big mouth and two big eyes. Its favourite food is candy and thus its favourite sport is looking for candies. The world it lives is full of stars which are yellow and blue. Meanwhile adventures and obstacles are commonplace because Om Nom should try its best to complete different kinds of points to gain the tasty candies. The colourful world is Cut the Rope: Time Travel. As the name suggests, the main task is to cut the ropes in every conditions and help the little cute monster satisfy its appetite for candies. Do you feel exhausted after a day's work? Do you feel boring when you finished the homework and tasks the teacher assigned? And do you want to relax your tired body from the endless housework to enjoy the fun little game? Come and join the Cut the Rope: Time Travel and help the adorable pet Om Nom to gain the delicious candies. A series of achievements are waiting for your efforts in Time Travel such as Candy Castles, Crusader, Painted Candies, AAARRRRRRR!!! More exciting achievements need you to discover and obtain with your intelligence and wisdom. Choose this amazing and adventures game for yourself, one wonderful day at a time.
1.0 GHz or equivalent
Release Date:
February 20, 2014
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Cut The Rope: Time Travel
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