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Cut The Rope: Experiments
Description: Om Nom, a little cute animal which is addicted to eating different flavours of candies, has a challenging experience in Cut the Rope: experiments. Om Nom seems never stop the steps looking for its favourite candies whether in Cut the Rope or his daily life. Cut the Rope: experiments tells the experience Om Nom appeared at a house unexpectedly. It met a science freak, meanwhile, the scientist was curious to it. In order to get the truth why Om Nom is so crazy for candies, the science freak hold Om Nom in his own lab and began his endless experiments. The poor Om Nom wanted to escape the terrible place and return to its original life so it must try its best to overcome a series of challenges and eat candies to keep up its strength. Cut the Rope: experiments including five marks, in other words more than one hundred new levels in it. New levels added several new props elements, including rope guns, rockets, water and so on. will bring you new gaming experience. Stars always be the essential tools to complete adventures. Different tasks and works need you to finish to get achievements. Student, assistant, doctor, rope collector and rope experts and more wonderful achievements will bring you different visual enjoyment. Come in and join Cut the Rope: experiments, let's help the cute pet Om Nom achieve his reversal. Fighting for the candies!
Android / iPhone
1.0 GHz or equivalent
512 MB
53.4 MB
Release Date:
February 19, 2014
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Cut The Rope: Experiments
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