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I absolutely love it. And recommend that you get it
By Owl_raptor
This game is awesome but it is a little tricky
By Kian
Fortnight is amazing . I rate it a 10/10 . My name is Holly.
By Holly
I love this game it's so awesome like sonic dash
By Cayden Yates
This game is the best game ever I play on the new xbox.
By Djboy03
I love fortnite sooooooo much! I would play it 24/7 if I could. My name is Flyingdog601
By Flyingdog601
This game is amazing the new update wasn't much but the dinasours are good so fortnite is the best game and I've been playing since season x
By Holly
I sometimes stay in my room all day playing fortnite its soooooo fun thank epic games im actully playing it right on my ps4 and i also play it on my n switch play it or die
By Paisley
Fortnite is so fun and I started playing in season 1 my user name is corey10EFC if any body cares
By Fortnitegod2028
The game is awsome i cant stop playing
By Chris
Fortnite is the best because you can play with your friends
By Karter
I Love fortnite because it's a really Fun game and I really Love fortnite
Hi I like fortnite even though I’m 9 I still like it I play on a ps4 my name is pled-pawl2
By Mica
It is so fun to play
By Gucciboy29984
Fortnite is the best game ever,I would suggest playing this game because your kids would love it Adele as the adults
By Matt
I didn’t like it but it was a good app
By O
I never play fortnite on my ps4 and ps5
By As The Pyramid Scheme
I love this game I play it all the time i am better at not anooying my mom when i play it
By BCPreveiws
I play on the ntendo on fortnight and still fortnight is a really good game
By By Sebastian
I love Fortnite Because it is for all kids
By Rhylleehill
I like Fortnite it a good game love Fortnite
By Mia
I love this game so much I play it alot.
By Yder
I love this game and I really want to play it
By Xavion
Footnote is superdope
By Abdul
fotnite is a great game ever
By Natangwe
I see my friends played it looks really fun and I have been playing Fortnite one time so I’m gonna try to download it and I know it’s really fun
By Baylie
Fortnite is so good in addicting that if you play once you will love it
By Bella
I need to download this game
By 7c
Fortnite is fun and addicting , please try it out.
By Unkown
Fornight is the best game ever
By Teya
Fortnite is the best game I've ever played and I just got a victory on my Xbox but I'm not allowed to buy vbucks
By The Best Gamer
The app was really fun and I was just being a good job
By The App Was Really Fun
I have a nitindoswich and I play fortnight on it♥
By Antonio
I played fortnite on my brothers xbox l like it
By By Emalia Simth
Great game downlode now or die
By Your Mum Fat
I haven't played on device but guess what i play it on my playstation4
By Shawn Dinosaur
You can build and you can shoot some one if there shooting you
By Jesse
This games is fun and cool to play
By By Elexus Areundo
This game is so fun I love the game I'm addicted to it it's so fun download it
By By Peter
I like the game before night because you can collect Loot and get a victory Royale and you can also get V bucks from Battle passes enjoy the game
By Bryana
I love FORTNITE: Chapter 2:Season 1. It is awesome.I play on Xbox
By Yur Mum
I love fortnite than PUBG. It is a very fun game. You should try it. The dances are awesome, I do the dances all the time.
By Alec2017
It is a cool game that keep you interested throughout the time you play.
By Becky
I like FORTNITE. I want it on my tablet.
By Aiden
This s is a really fun game for boys and cool girls.
By Curdia
It has the best dance moves and i hardly bother my mom now.
By Google User
Win 7 or later / Xbox / PS
3 Ghz
8 GB
Release Date:
June 10, 2018
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