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Love this game btw
By Logan
I like this game so much because its a game for many players.
By Hello
I like this game because its so funny and cool.
By Funny Smiley
I like roblox because is so fun and I got a friend I got two friends and I like it
By Maria
I love roblox it's so much fun I have so many friends and my favorite game is adopted me and hide in seek
By Jade
I have this game and it is so good everyone go on among us My sister is playing it
By By Twix
I like this game so mush
By Arfan
I want this game????????.
By Rileigh
This game is pieng
By Omar
i want this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Matthew
I like this game,I never really played this game but I watched this game and it looks cool to me.
By Jennifer E Humphrey
This is the best game in the world because everyday I get up and hide and play the game
By Xin Ying Chen
I love dis game UwU ★★★★★
By Trinity
I love this game.I wish I could be able to play the game.
By Stephany
I wish I could enter a single room and play solo.
By J. Angel
It's easy to play! Fun game.
By Ancheta
I give should be 5 stars, because it's cool.
By Aj
Slitherio is a game that you are slid around and you have to get other worms. and you will get bigger and bigger.
By Mia
Slither app is so fun and cool on my mobile. My son loves it.
By Melissa
Easy to control. You must do is double tap and keep your finger on the screen to have the speed boost.
By Maria L.
I am in love this game is boss addicted to
Be the biggest or survive the longest.
By Owen
Great game to play anytime.
By Carolynn
Android 5.0
2 GHz
1 GB
16.2 MB
Release Date:
June 10, 2016
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