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Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) Reviews
Amazing games. Make it free and I'll play for hours.
By Jeff
i want to play it but it costs money
By N0t.-.isa
I can't wait to play in but I will not be I not ablee to play it because I can't pay but I'd love to play it if you can make it free
By By Isaiah
This game seems cool but I can't play it
By Jess
This games amazing but I'm not paying
By Aaden
I have it on my iPhone and it’s so scary and golden Freddy can teleport in
By Teddy
I really wish I could play this game but it cost money
By Aurora Nicole
It seems fun,and it is,but i have to pay
By Kenma
I want it but i have to pay
By Kieran
I wish I could play this game
By Z
My mother has this game on her iPhone but I'm with my grandma and meh lil sis idk if she deleted it or not oh and my fav fnaf game is SL AKA Sister location
By Julie
It cost money and I have always wanted to play the game my dreams will never come true
By Fnaf Boi
I love this game I have a lunch box of that my brother loves this game
By Damon
I love this game but you got to pay money and I hate that you have to
By Caitlyn
I love this game but it's for money
By Kaw
I love this game but it only says the description and other stuff.
By IiGalaxiiz
I've always wanted to play fnaf
By Angel The Robo-king
I love fnaf i am a fan
By Fnaf World
i wish i could have this game to
By Addy
It’s a great game loved it since 2014!
By Wolf Go Yeeeeet
I always wanted to get this game so I can see if I like it but it’s moneyyyyyyy
By Whyyyy
I love this game I played it with my mom she got so scared great for pranking people I wish it was for free and you did not have to download it
By Shadywolf123
I love this game I used to watch youtubers play it I wish you did not have to spend money on it
By Shadow Wolf123
I used to hate this game now I love it so much
By Sheena
I am a big fan of it I have also watched a lot of videos but it costs money it would be really helpful if you made it free and not downloadable
By Sombody
I really wanted download the game on my iPad but I cant
By Israel Martinez
I guess I can handle it
By Raven
I want to play game but it kneed my money
By Baby Isla Goldsworthy
I really wanna play but.. it cost money
By No
I so want to play this game but I can't cuz me on mobile and cost money
By Matt
I want to play it but I can't because it cost money
By Jordyn
I wish to play this game but it cost money
By Emily Burgess
I will try to get the game
By Dax Reardon
I want to get this game but it cost money
By Jayden Sosa Pezez
I wish I had this game as I love it already but it costs money
By Bye Bunny
I love this game but Freddy is so hard
By Josh
I want fnaf 2 but it cost money
By Isaac
Minecraft is better than fortnite
By Unknown
Fs. How to play every day don’t know what to do but I love you very much go to games of everything please let me play please savior
By I’m Witw
My favorite character is Bonnie Bunny. She's awesome.
By Bonnie
FNAF game is good and very scary. I love it so much.
By Linda S.
Five nights at Freddy's is my favorite game, but I don't have it
By Ness
Guys, I was super excited. It ws like watching scary movies.
By Nathaniel
I love Five Nights at Freddy's so much. I beat all of the games 1-4.
By Sabob
Well yeah it's a horror game. Have fun!
By Jacob
On night 6, It gets very challenging though. All of the animatronics are after you. Well I hope you enjoy this game, anyway.
By Jessica Williams
I love five nights at Freddys game
By Caitlin Cornelius
It's really fun and scary at same time.
By Kevin Synan
I hated the game before, but now I love it so much.
By Chris
Nice game but always freezes when robots attack.
By Kevin
So if you play be careful the power is really hard not to lose so.. Limit time on your camera and doors.. Keep closed if bonnie , Chica , or Freddy are at the door.. Be careful!
By Katie Weber
Omg I love this app. Me and my brother play it all the time. I recommend this app if you want some epic jump scares. Also it's just like pc version but cheaper. It does have some so problems like closing the app when I'm playing the app. But it's still a really good game.
By Brooklynn
This is the best game in my life!!!the best best best(:
Love this game so much !! Play it all day one thing... Freddy's jumpscare is not scary!
By Scott Knuckles
Android 2.3
1.5 Ghz
1 GB
49.7 MB
Release Date:
January 26, 2015
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Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) Reviews
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