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Brawl Stars
Description: This multiplayer excellent battle game is developed by the developers of the Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans. The developer of this extraordinary group battle game is Supercells. This is the best time passing game. This game is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
Before discussing the Gameplay, visuals, and controls of this game, we will discuss the technical aspects of this game.
After its release, more than 100 million people download and install this game. This huge number is only due to the good track of the developers. Its current version is 27.514 and released on 4th June 2020. This game needs 149 Mb space on your device's storage. Required android is 4.3 and higher. To play this game, your device must be compatible with the required android version. This also offers an in-app purchase feature.
Now we will see the Gameplay, Visuals, and controls of Brawl Stars – a battle-kind game, and we will see how this game is different from others.

First of all, download and install this game. Now launch it! The game will be open now. First of all, guidelines will be given on how to play this game. When you take a complete tutorial, the game will be started.
Brawl stars provide an excellent gaming experience regarding handheld games.
Brawl stars is a fast multiplayer battle kind brawler. There are many game modes available like Gem Grab, Showdown (Duo/Solo), Bounty (3v3), Heist (3v3), Brawl Ball (3v3). There are many features available. Play the battle and earn stars and other rewards. Then use these rewards to upgrade and unlock the new and powerful brawlers. Daily, you will get the new events to participate.
Keep battling and winning against your opponents. Get top position on the leaderboard locally and regionally and prove yourself the greatest brawler.
It's great to have options to play Solo or 3V3. You can fight in the mode which you like.

Visuals of this game are very creative. Its art style is very bold, and the color scheme is very outstanding. Both of which make it prominent among other battle games.
Visuals of the characters are very charming and attractive. In short, it's very pleasing to look on, whether playing alone or with friends.

Now we will talk about the controls of this game. Its user interface is very simple. There are 2-3 controls given on the main screen to perform different functions. One is to move the character and the second one is to attack the opponents, and the third one is to use the superpower to eliminate the bigger opponent.
The usage of these controls is very easy, simple, and straightforward. No difficulty to use these controls.

Final Verdict
This is great work by Supercells. This is completely free to play. This is the best game to play part-time. You will not feel bored while playing. The loading time of games and assets is very fast. In different game modes, more interesting and exciting challenges you will face. Play and enjoy it!
Android 4.4 and later
2 GB
130 MB
Release Date:
February 26, 2020
The game is an engaging game.
By Benitez
I love the game❤
By Andreea
I love the game❤️
By Hayley
I love this game, and I really enjoy it with my brothers.
By Flippy123
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Brawl Stars
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