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Subway Princess Runner
Description: Subway Princess Runner is developed by the creative minds of Ivy Mobile. This is equally prominent among the people of all the ages. There is no restriction for anyone, this is for all. People like to play this all the time available. In this, there are many challenges. Complete the first task and then a new task will be for you.
Subway Princess Runner is free to download from the Playstore of Google. This is available on iOS as well as on the Android platform. This excellent game is developed by Ivy Mobile.
Now we will discuss the technical details of the Subway Princess – a running and prize collection game.
This is a free-running and prize collection game. This game needs 60 MB of space on your device's storage. This game was updated last time on 25th May 2020. Its current version is 4.2.3. The required android is 4.1 and higher. This also offers in-app purchases. After its launch, more than 100 million people download and install this application. This huge number shows how popular is this among its fans. This is only due to its outstanding features.
Now we will discuss the Gameplay, Visuals, and Controls one by one.

Ivy mobile develops an outstanding game for the fans of Subway game with great efforts. When you start the game, the princess will start running and the Policeman will start running behind you to seize. You have to go away from the eyes of a policeman. There will be many prizes available for you which are mentioned below:
·Complete provided adventure to enjoy the next adventure.
·Princess will move in the city, forest, and snow Subway.
·Collect the coins of Gold that come in your way to increase the score.
·If magnet come in your way, then must collect it, because magnet automatically attracts all the coins to come in your way and increase your score.
·The Skateboard feature is also available in this game. If you want to enjoy running on the skateboard then double click on the screen. Then the princess will start moving on the skateboard.
Dodge the buses, obstacles, and trains that come in your way. Complete given levels and then next more interesting levels will appear. This is an endless running game.

Visuals of this game are very attractive and interesting. Vivid and colorful HD graphics that make it more appealing. Its graphics are one of the major reasons for the success of this game. Its user interface is also very friendly, even a new user can play it easily without any training. No one felt bored while playing Subway Princess Runner.

Now we will talk about the controls of this game. To move the princes above the given hurdles swipe upward, to move left swipe left, to move right swipe right, and to move from beneath the given hurdles swipe down. Screen touch is influent. Simple controls!

Final Verdict
Subway Princess Runner is an amazing source of fun. This is a wonderful work by Ivy Mobile. Its visuals, loading speed, background music, environment, and colorful characters all are exceptional. Overall, this is good work.
Android 5.0 or later
2 GB
113 MB
Release Date:
May 1, 2019
By Guinevere
I like this game is very cool and i ca beat everyone
By Luiza
This game is amazing becouse you have to consentrate alot.
By Liza
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Subway Princess Runner
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