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Description: PUBG Mobile is an excellent Multiplayer online action and shooting game developed by the Tencent Game. This is one of the favorite games of youth in the current era. Gamers don't felt bored while playing this action game. This is a top-rated battle royale game with good reviews by the gamers. This game won the “2018 Mobile Game of the Year Award” given by the Golden Joystick Award and Google Play 2018 Awards.
Now we will discuss the Technical features of PUBG Mobile – a great battle type action game.
This game is free to download. This application is available on iOS as well as on Android. You can download this application from the Play Store easily.
PUBG Mobile is developed by the Tencent Game. This application needs 50 MB of space on the storage of your device. This game was updated last time on 7th May 2020. Its current version is 0.18.0. This application is compatible with 4.3 and higher android. After it is available on the Play Store, more than 100 million gamers download this application. This big number shows that this game has something extraordinary. These extraordinary features make it the most popular. Its features are the reason for its success.
Now we will discuss the Gameplay, Visuals, and controls of this game and also discuss the features which make it prominent among action games.

Now we will discuss the Gameplay of PUBG Mobile. Its main task is to stay alive and kill enemies and survive from being killed. Survival is the most important, the last remaining one will wins the battle.
Available modes are Classic mode, fast-paced 4 versus 4 battle, and zombie modes. In the classic mode, there are 100 players dropped into a map from the available three maps. Survive these 100 players in the battles.
PUBG Mobile contains something for each player. You can play 4 versus 4, Duo, Solo. You have the option to make a team with your friends or strangers. Participate in the battle with your team of friends or strangers. You can take help from your teammates by calling them. You can make communication with your squad in the form of voice as well as in text form. You can mute the voice communication if you are participating in the game with strangers.
Daily you will find interesting challenges, events, and monthly updates regarding gameplay and modes that make PUBG Mobile a more interesting one.

Visuals play a vital role in the popularity of any game. The 3D graphics, color schemes, background colors, and background music all are the excellent work of the Tencent Games. Its user interface is very user friendly, appealing, and heart touching.

Controls of the PUBG Mobile are a little bit tricky, novice players take little bit time to understand it. Gaming resources are loaded fastly. The loading time of the application is also very fast.

Final Verdict
PUBG Mobile is an outstanding multiplayer online game. This game has won multiple awards since its release. Its graphics, color scheme, controls, daily challenges, and game modes are the reasons for the success of this game. Let's play to enjoy it!
Android 5 or up
Release Date:
June 1, 2018
Thank you PUBG for an amazing time and experience.
By Mr. T
When your are the last one alive from your team that you have got to take out to win.
By Chris
Best shooting game ever honestly! I have to say I love the shooting game.
By Joe
i love PUBG, in my family all are playing.
By Jasim
Why LG smartphone no hight frame mode settings?
By LgFans
Winer, Winer, Chicken Dinner.
By Winer
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