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Description: Hello, Gamers! We are back with a new game! Indeed, it's trending for many years and is one of the hot-favorite for gamers! Wow! What's that? Humm, you've guessed it correctly! It's the Temple Run, which is one of the world's most popular endless running games. But what's new in it? Well, it's back with a fully-loaded version and also some twists. That's good news, haha!
As we love writing insightful reviews on exciting games, today's pick of the day is Temple Run. First, we will dive deep into the gameplay and review it. But before that, let's explore what makes temple Run one of the highest-rated games in the play store.
You can find over five million positive gaming reviews and over five hundred million downloads. Wow! Of course, these are crazy numbers! Cool! What else? Well, it's an action-packed endless running game. Thus, there's a particular focus on gaming graphics and sound. Indeed, the developers did justice to both of them!
Furthermore, it's a free game with the latest versions updated by the developer regularly. Also, it's free to download and fits inside your cool gadget for an excellent time-pass game. So then, let's begin a blasting gaming session, huh?

Gameplay Review
Welcome gamers to a high-voltage gaming zone, and that's the playground for this addictive game, Temple Run. Now, let's begin the gameplay without any delay. Hey, what are you doing? Run! Yes, that's what you've got to do! It's an endless-run game, and you've to play smart to be the winner. But why are you running? Humm, it's a good question, and let's dive into the thrilling gaming story.
The game begins in a super-fast action-packed mode as you've done something dangerous. What's that? You've stolen an incent idol kept inside the temple. Everyone is scared as it's cursed! Thus, you're under threat and attack, and now you've to run and save your life. Yes! The moment you've touched the cursed idol, you've also asked all the sleeping evils, and now they are behind your life.
Hey, hold on! These are deadly demon monkeys who are chasing you. Do you know they can run faster than the wind? But, you've to challenge them, test all your reflexes, and run faster than light. But, hey, you can do it!
However, you've to be careful while running as there are deadly obstacles on your way. Also, you've found coins you must collect to stay alive. Thus, you've to make every move carefully, and you can easily do that by swiping your mobile screen. Indeed, you've to keep your eyes open to pull a magnet coming your way. These power boosters will strengthen you and help you escape these deadly monsters.
Thus, continue with the endless running, play smartly, show excellent reflexes and be the ultimate winner. Hey, you can do it, and it's full of fun!

Sound Review
Temple Run gaming sound is intuitive and super engaging. Indeed, it'll keep you attracted and engaged for hours. It makes the gameplay super-addictive, and we will give a positive review of the gaming sound.

Control Review
The gaming control is one of the best and most attractive features of this popular mobile game. Keep swapping the screen in all directions to move the gaming avatar. What fun!

Replay Value
Undoubtedly, temple run is one of those games where gamers would love repeated gaming sessions without breaks. So, of course, we give full credit to this game for its very high replay value.

In Conclusion
You must have played many mobile games. But your gaming experience with temple run will be different. There's incredible excitement and fun throughout the gaming session. Indeed, it's super addictive for gamers of every age. So, please hurry up and join us to win. Hey, are you ready? Then, download Temple Run Now!
Android 2.3
1.5 Ghz
512 MB
23.1 MB
Release Date:
January 22, 2015
From the moment you start your adrenalin starts pumping, the sound effects are very realistic and you're off and running!
By Alexis
good game for me so play this later
By Sawsan
this game is very intersting
By Sikander Singh
i really loved because is nice and fun
By Mimi
Very addicting… definitely a very different running game.
By Jocelyn Trusty
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Temple Run
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