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Crazy Eye Doctor - Baby Eye Clinic
Description: Welcome to the CRAZIEST eye clinic ever! The waiting room is packed with patients who need YOUR help! Be the best EYE doctor! Use real doctor tools like the laser beam and X-ray machine to examine and treat your patients! Put your vision to the test! Use coins you earned to buy toys, candy and coloring pages at the gift shop!
Doctor X to the Rescue!
These CRAZY patients need YOU! Use special medical tools to stretch open eyes, remove germs and kill unwanted bacteria! Discover all kinds of surprises in your patients' eyes and let the fun begin!
Eye Spy Games!
Enjoy tons of CRAZY fun-filled activities! Take a professional X-ray, fix broken eye socket bones, pop eye blisters and so much more! Play awesome mini games like Case Match and Find the Difference. Who knew being an eye doctor was so exciting?!
Android 4.0
12.4 MB
Release Date:
February 16, 2017
The game is free, but when you tap on the game you have to pay for everything.
By Jennifer Merrick
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Crazy Eye Doctor - Baby Eye Clinic
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