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Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventures
Description: Help Dora Explore the World on herBiggest Adventure Yet! Product InformationOh no! Swiper has mistakenly swiped Friendship bracelets from all over theworld! To save Friendship Day Dora needs to team up with Swiper and youfor a world adventure. Play games and solve puzzles to help Dora andSwiper search land sea and sky to bring back the bracelets to FranceTanzania Russia and China!Ready to be a World Explorer like Dora?Skills Learned World Geography Countries and Cultures Different Languages Motor Skills Matching Sorting and Patterning Colors and Shapes Problem Solving Visual Identification Skills The Value of Friendship and more! Plus a little Spanish too!Product Features Help Dora Swiper and Mel get over the Great Wall of China. Look for Friendship bracelets all over the world like in N'Darl's village in Tanzania. Help Dora Swiper and Amelle make it to the Eiffel Tower and watch out for Fifi the Skunk!
Join the top rated preschool phenomenon on an exciting new jaunt around the world and develop fundamental preschool skills at the same time! In Dora the Explorer World Adventure your child, along with Dora and her friends, will celebrate friendship while discovering preschool language, problem solving, math, and reading in an educational, diverse, and wholesome way. Designed for Preschoolers ages 2-5, Dora the Explorer World Adventure's fun and interactive games encourage your child to help fix The Great Wall of China, wander the maze of Paris's streets, search for animals for a ride to Mount Kilimanjaro and so much more! Dora and her friends explore colors, shapes, numbers, matching, creativity, reasoning, music, reflexes, basic Spanish and computer skills. Plus, each game’s Multiple Skill Level allows every child to build self-esteem. Developmental Categories: Learn Language, Reading, Math, Counting, Matching, Reasoning, Music, Basic Spanish, Self Esteem and more!
Windows XP / Win 7
Release Date:
May 10, 2014
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Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventures
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