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My Talking Angela
Description: My Talking Angela is one of the best pet simulator game. In this game, players take care of a virtual pet named Angela. She needs to feed, bathe and decorate her home, change her clothes. And also play with her a variety of mini-games. Also, Angela can learn to sing and dance. There are many different styles of dancing and songs are available to her.

My talking Angela is a game from Outfit7 with high-quality graphics, sound and animation for Android devices. The basis is taken care of a virtual animal - the cat Angel. In My Talking Angela, you will take care of the pet. Complete daily tasks and earn in-game currency for which outfits, new content and almost everything that is present in the game can purchase. When caring for a pet, it is necessary to grow an adult cat from a small kitten. Angela is dreaming of becoming a world-famous star. To achieve this, you need:
• feed and water the pet;
• go to sleep;
• follow the style (regularly update and expand the wardrobe, take into account the opinion of the cat when choosing a dress);
• Do hairstyles and apply makeup.
Coins required to purchase food and clothing in My Talking Angela. It can be earned by playing mini-games (Bubble Shooter, Jelly, Little Puzzles, various arcades and puzzles). Or exchanging collected stickers (you can get for each new level). If you upgrade a cat, you can increase the level of the interior of the rooms in which Angela lives.
Angela can:
• Talk (repeat in a funny voice the phrase you said);
• grimacing while brushing your teeth;
• snoring in a dream (if you are moving around the rooms);
• refuse to eat (if satiated);
• Show your emotions.
Another ability of My Talking Angela game is the ability to show a pet to friends through social networks. It is worth noting that the main gameplay in My Talking Angela is free. But to get additional options you need to deposit real money into your account.

The graphical interface is designed very well. The game works fine on any device, even if it has a high extension. And yes, the name of your cat, in fact, you can ask yourself, that is, it is not necessary to call her Angela. Besides the main game, there are mini-games that also need to be completed.

The control is very simple and does not require special skills or additional devices.
There are a lot of rooms, the cat will have to move a lot around the big house. But thanks to the simple gameplay it will not be difficult.
At the bottom of the interface are buttons responsible for the actions of the cat. Using these buttons, you can control Angela in the shower, or feed her, do styling and much more. Any action Angela performs immediately after pressing the right button.
At the top, there is another block with action buttons that are responsible for viewing the game currency. With this, the main character can acquire various necessary things.
But how to recharge the balance? Very easy, you need to click on the plus sign, located next to the number of funds.

My Talking Angela is a more complete version of the classic game My Talking Tom. It has even more options and improved graphics. Undoubtedly, this is an interesting game for everyone who is looking for a new “POU”. And the Angela is definitely more charming. One of the best pet simulators. It is recommended to everyone who loves virtual cats, playing with dolls and constant care for their Angela.
Android 4.1
1.2 Ghz
2 GB
77.4 MB
Release Date:
January 15, 2016
I love this and the graphics are awesome the service was so good and so did you take a momfree ones to use
By JaKaLa
I love my talking angle and Robles
By Kimmy
It's a really fun game and I love that it poops
By By Kherrigan
I love My Talking Angela so much.
By Leamon
There is a man in her eye
By Kendall Akers
You are the reason why you are so cool
By Taylor Moerer
My Talking Angela is a very fun game. I found it when my brother and I where messing around.
By Antonio
I love Talking Angela. My mum hates it though. I love how you feed him and my sister loves that he potties.
By SIA John
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My Talking Angela
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