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Minecraft for iPhone Reviews
I love mincraft but it cost 6.99
By M
I love Minecraft I really like this games soooo much
By Princess
i really want this game
By Maru
Such an interesting game to play I really recommend it.
By Olivia
I love Minecraft but it cost 6.99
By Due Will
I really like this game sooooooooooo much
By Messiah Daley
I like this game so much and I want to play it so bad and I really want this game :(
By Hayley
I really want this game
By Domimik
I wanna install to minecraft pocked edition but i kent not ಠ_ಠ
By Bey Bey Geys
This game is wan of my favorites
By If You Read This Means That Your Are Gay
I want to buy Minecraft but it to much money and I really want to play it I'm broke (╥﹏╥)
By By Emily
I wish I had minecraft but I dont
By L.O.S.E.E.R
I love Roblox and Minecraft
By By Jerry
No money I cannot buy please Make it free
By Jaedyn-Skyler Amari Whidbey
Is this allowed for ten year old
By Demi
Do I need to buy the game?!
By Andrew
This is so fun it's amazing
By Joon
I'm stuck!!!!
By Patrick
Do I need to buy the game?!
By Nashoni
Very cool game so fun and creative
By Chanel
I'm good at minecraft cool big house.
By Cooper
How do u play the games,cause mine isn’t working
By Bella
I m exiting and creative to the game to play.
By By Jana
I loved the first one.
By Anonymous
I gonna ply minecraft pls
By Arwin
The game is nice and you have to very creative to enjoy it. Some people say the game is dumb, I disagree.
By Alex
A very exciting and creative game to play.
By Danielle
iPhone or iPad
2 GB
14.6 MB
Release Date:
August 25, 2015
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Minecraft for iPhone Reviews
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