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Subway Surfers for iOS
Description: Subway Surfers is a quality video game in the genre of endless runner for iOS and Android. The easiest explanation about Subway Surfers is an action F2P game like Temple Run. With a variety of unique items that are guarantee to provide a new playing experience. The cartoon-style game was made by two developers, Kiloo Games and Sybo Games.

You control a guy who painted graffiti on a subway car and is now running away from the cops who noticed him. You will have to run on the railroad tracks for as long as possible and collect coins and power-ups. You should remain careful to avoid the obstacles placed in front of you. For example, you will have to jump over the barriers or traffic signs that will block your path. Or even trains that are coming at full speed on the different tracks.
Your character can navigate between three parallel paths. For example, when a train arrives on the middle track, it will be necessary to jump on the right track or the left track. Unlike most other game of the same genre, there is no turning point. Everything takes place on an endless straight line. So, just slide your finger from right to left to switch between the three possible rails. To jump, you will have to lift your finger up and to slide, go down.
The power-ups provided in this game make the game much more exciting than just running. You can get a jetpack that can take you up the track. Precisely on an electric cable with hundreds of coins spread across the track without a hitch. The magnet will pull all the coins closest to you. Special shoes will make you run faster and jump higher. Using two power-ups at the same time can increase coin income, such as jetpacks and magnets. All power-ups and hoverboards that can be used once in each game. It can be upgraded with the coins that you get during the game. Like other freemium games, you can buy coins for this game with real money. But for those of you who are diligent in playing, you certainly agree that this game can still be enjoyed for free.

Graphically, the Subway Surfers for iOS is very successful. The animations are very fluid, the game displays a very attractive colour palette. And the cartoon design is very engaging. The graphics are really on top - nice looking and very smooth. The only thing I would like to add is a small variety of landscapes. For example, winter, night, rain, etc. As for the sound: at first, it seemed too dull. But after an hour of playing it starts to amaze you.

You can control your character by swiping the screen. Swipe left and right to change tracks, swipe up or down to slide and jump. Your character will continue to run forward and your job is to make him stay on the track.

Subway Surfers for iOS is a very entertaining game and must be tried. The characters have funny faces, the game arena is colourful and very thrilling. Animated images are very smooth and do not seem broken images. This can definitely provide a fun playing experience for your free time.
iOS 7.0 or later
2 GB
156 MB
Release Date:
June 1, 2017
This is a good game to play on
By Foster
I loooooooooooooove it plad for 4 years
By By Brooklyn
I love this Game and is very good and I love you in N I am going to be playing it and he’s there with you good to play
By By Mimi
You can easily play all the game on pc or television. On pc download bluestacks or game guardian. On Television you shall made a screen cast from your iphone to your television.
By RicajX
This game is awesome
By By Nick
Subway surfers is the most important thing in the intrie world
By Kyle
It's very good and fun no need to review
By Oscalina
I want to play this game in my pc.
By John
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Subway Surfers for iOS
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