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Pokémon GO for Android
Description: Pokémon GO is one of the greatest successes of the mobile video game in recent years. Pokémon GO is a mobile game built on the concept of augmented reality. Roughly speaking, it allows you to catch virtual Pokémon in the real world, on the streets of cities and even small settlements.

At first glance, the game seems pretty simple. But it has enough depth that you might not notice at first. After completing the training, choosing a nickname and creating a three-dimensional avatar. The game asks the user to travel the real world to find Pokémon. Word Go Go in the Pokémon title definitely means Go Outside. The players will gladly do. Using the API from Google and Google Maps, the game creates a pseudo-three-dimensional map around the user, like a map of the world of Pokémon. If you go somewhere, you will certainly meet a Pokémon on your journey. Click on it and you will get a chance to catch a new monster in your collection.
Exploring the world is one of the key mechanics of the game, and perhaps the most creative feature of Pokémon Go.

• Create your player profile with avatar and image of the Pokémon companion.
• Level up and experience as you catch them.
• Be part of a hunting team.
• Train your Pokémon in your gyms.
• Get coins to buy objects in the virtual store.
• Get different rewards.
• Color code that indicates the probability that you have capture.
• Acquire special items in PokéStops, located in real-world places of public interest, based on your player level.

Pokémon Go is a very interesting game. The Pokémon themselves, which basically make up the graphic part of the game, looks very pretty and simple. You will also need a good GPS signal and fast Internet. It combines completely brilliant elements, but also many components that could be made much better. But the result is still great.
There is one thing that Pokémon Go does better than any other game: fulfills the player's imaginations. The game that turns my phone into Pokédex makes me feel like a real Ash. Fulfilment of imagination at the highest level. The player can think of those parts that are not in the game. And from this the fantasy world will only become more real.

The player moves around the map, revealing "pocket animals" in different places, sometimes even unexpected ones. To catch Pokémon, you need to follow the indicators in a special menu to the right of Pokéball on the main screen. It shows how far the Pokémon is from you: three tracks - far, two - closer, one - very close.
To catch a Pokémon, you need to run a Pokéball at it (make a swipe gesture in the direction of the animal). The smaller the green circle on the Pokémon, the higher the chance of getting into it. Pokéballs are always limited in number. So, it is useful to launch exactly on target.

Pokémon GO is definitely a unique game not only in the world of mobile games. But also in the life of people in general. This is perhaps one of the first games that made some people leave their homes. Walk through the streets of their city to find the desire Pokémon.
Android 4.4
2 GB
61 MB
Release Date:
August 20, 2016
I love Pokémon it’s my favourite anime! I watch it all the time
By Pokémon Liam
I love Pokemon in a egg I got a shorter
By Archie9
I have had a blast playing this game for the last few months. I recommand Pokemon Go for you.
By Daejah
I have been playing Pokemon Go for a couple of years. I love it.
By Airgirl
As a 45 years old man, I have met many persons playing Pokemon go that range in age from 7 to 70. They are from many countries over the world.
By Jack Reignner
Pokémon you catch them in the house.
By Xcaret
Pokemon Go is a good game to play.
By Ethan
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Pokémon GO for Android
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