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Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee 2
Description: Jo has a dream….to own the greatest coffee shop in town! Help her open up a café and serve delicious treats to everyone who enters through her door. All the challenges that come along with a time management game are present: impatient customers, trash clean up, and tons of multitasking! Take orders, hire staff, and serve delicious coffee and tasty food! Jo could really use your help to open up shop and prove her worth in Jo’s Dream: Organic Coffee 2! As you play and upgrade the cafés equipment, you will learn new recipes to serve to your customers. Be it new refrigerators, new ice cream freezers, or simply a new espresso machine, you have tons of headroom to grow! Perform challenging quests to level up and gain access to all new equipment and decorations. The Coffee Festival is coming up, and Jo is a real contender for first prize…winning this awesome award would be the cherry on top of an amazing adventure!
    Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee 2 Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee 2 Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee 2 Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee 2
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    1.0 GHz
    1 GB
    121 MB
    Release Date:
    February 22, 2014
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    Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee 2
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