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Ethan: Meteor Hunter
Description: Ethan, an extremely adventurous rodent, is on a journey to collect pieces of a large meteor that smashed into the world. The search for the fragments is going to be an exciting and difficult adventure, but Ethan is more than equipped with his amazing telekinetic powers. He has the extraordinary ability to move large objects to help him navigate the world and the many puzzles that lie before him. Use the powers of your mind today in Ethan: Meteor Hunter! Go on a rat sized adventure, navigating the tiny world of Ethan in search of the mysterious meteor. You have never played such an amazing platformer as this, with the completely unique telekinetic gameplay. Ethan can move even the largest and hardest to reach objects with his mind, allowing him to create ways to move forward on his journey. Dive into the tiny world of Ethan, and prepare for one of the most memorable adventures ever told!
    Ethan: Meteor Hunter Ethan: Meteor Hunter Ethan: Meteor Hunter Ethan: Meteor Hunter
    Windows XP SP3
    448 MB
    Release Date:
    March 15, 2014
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    Ethan: Meteor Hunter
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