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Lost Lands. Dark Overlord
Description: Would you like to travel to a place where no-one has even been? Would you like to witness something that no-one else is possibly able to see? Then this unforgettable magnificent journey into the world of mystery is waiting for you. Remember, Magic still exists there. Susan, the main character, was planning to leave her summer cottage together with Jimmy, her son. She got distracted to answer a phone call for a minute, and did not notice her son leaving (he had been playing right next to her just minutes ago!) She could not hear the voices calling her son, because they were aiming specifically at him. When she turned around to pick him up, he was already disappearing in the shiny portal opened in a tree. Susan was trying to reach her son but it was too late, and the portal (along with her son) disappeared. Will she be able to find her son? Who and why kidnapped him? Are you ready to find the solutions to those mysteries?
    Lost Lands. Dark Overlord Lost Lands. Dark Overlord Lost Lands. Dark Overlord Lost Lands. Dark Overlord
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    1.6 GHz
    512 MB
    545 MB
    Release Date:
    December 4, 2014
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    Lost Lands. Dark Overlord
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